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             ANDREA'S STORY


Andrea and her family escaped Communist Romania.


Andrea's background as a refugee who came to Australia not knowing any English

has inspired her in the work that she does today. 

Andrea has worked with vulnerable communities across Australia and abroad since 1997. 

Andrea is a trained international human rights lawyer with a Juris Doctor from the University of Canberra and a Masters of International Human Rights Law 

from the Australian National University. 

As an admitted Solicitor in the ACT Supreme Court (2013), Andrea has held various legal roles since 2009, working in family, criminal, administrative, employment and human rights law.


As a policy expert, Andrea has worked in legal policy roles with the Attorney-Generals Department, as well as working in, and to Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Department of Immigration, the Department of Employment, the Health Department, Justice and Community Services and Corrections. 

Andrea has worked in and to all levels of Government across Australia, including Federal, State and local Governments in legal policy, advocacy, human rights and consulting capacities. 

As a political lobbyist, Andrea has made over 18 parliamentary submissions to various human right legal parliamentary inquiries, including on the matters of child trafficking, organ harvesting, women's rights refugees rights and other humanitarian maters at

Senate Committee Inquiries and Hearings, making submissions and

legal recommendations for legislative reform to Federal, State and Local Governments.

Andrea has engaged in political strategic campaigning since 2008.

As an international human rights advocate, Andrea has worked for the United Nations International Organisation for Migration with refugees, and

is the Founder and CEO of the anti-slavery Human Rights

lobbying advocacy education organisation: 

Fighting for Justice Foundation working to protect women and children from slacvery, human trafficking, exploitation and se*aul servitude internationally

for over six years in the Austral-Asia region since 2009. 


As an international keynote speaker,

Andrea has provided legal, human rights and biblical justice training

at conferences, seminars and workshops as a Human Rights legal advocate

and legal educator and led Anti-Slavery Projects

into Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, America,

and has had the opportunity to speak in Geneva. 

Andrea has been a prolific and powerful keynote speaker at

over 36 national and international legal human rights,

advocacy, biblical justice conferences since 2006. 

As a trained Mediator and Conciliator (College of Law 2018), Andrea brings a unique skill set with

training and experience in: psychology, law, human rights and business. 

As a legal academic, Andrea has published over 38 publications

which cuts across several human rights legal matters. 

Andrea has spoken at national and international conferences since 2005,

has published articles on human rights and is an author. 

Andrea has taught law, including business law, contracts, torts, consumer law, corporations law,

strategic management, leadership and organisational behaviour at the University level,

while undertaking a PhD in constitutional and human rights law.


Andrea continues to lecture passionately online and loves mentoring leaders!  

Andrea has preached and taught the Bible to rural remote,

national and international communities since 1997. 

With a Diploma in Theology (ACT 2002) and an Advanced Diploma in Christian Counselling and Therapy (AIFC 2005), Andrea has worked as a Youth Pastor, a Chaplain in Schools and Colleges,

and was ordained as an Apostle by Jubilee Ministries in America in 2016. 

Andrea is a passionate spiritual mentor for leaders from all walks of life! 

As a refugee child from a Communist country, Andrea is very passionate about

protecting our inalienable rights and liberties and our God-given freedoms! 






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Apostle, Author, Pastor and Chaplain 

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