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Andrea Consults - Leadership Coach and Keynote Speaker

Since 1998, Andrea has been training teams and speaking at national and international conferences, in parliaments, at festivals, rallies, community events, in Churches, at Federal and State Parliaments, and at Local Councils.

Andrea has presented her legal research in human rights advocacy internationally into Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, in America and in Geneva.

She has spoken before diplomats, politicians, Church leaders, at Government and United Nations round-table discussions, she has spoken to refugees, the homeless, to entrepreneurs and to vulnerable women and children.

Andrea has trained leaders and provided governance training to small and large groups of people, including not-for-profits, Church groups, community leaders, NGO's, entrepreneurs, business start-ups, to Government employees and to Boards.

Andrea Tokaji was the Founder and CEO of Fighting for Justice Foundation, an international human rights advocacy, lobbying and educational organisation, working to bring awareness to, and end slavery, trafficking and exploitation.

Andrea is a three-time Political Candidate, has worked for the United Nations, for the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department and has lectured in law at the University level.

Andrea continues to speak on platforms inspiring people to become all that they can be!

Andrea provides leadership coaching to a very select few.

Andrea's leadership coaching is purpose-driven, focused on strategic outcomes and is developed for those wanting to become greta in their field!

Andrea provides leadership, representation and legal briefs for political strategic solutions, including political lobbying for companies, organisations, for individual campaigns and human rights issues she is passionate about!

If you wish to BOOK ANDREA TOKAJI as your leadership coach - either as an individual or as a business, or if you would like Andrea to come and speak at your next event, make sure your secure your place at the table!

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