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Andrea Consults Services Advocating for You!

Andrea Consults was established by Andrea Tokaji, who has years of experience as an international human rights advocate, including working for the United Nations!

Since 2009, Andrea has been providing human rights advocacy nationally and internationally into Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, into refugee camps, and into vulnerable communities for the most vulnerable women, children and families.

Andrea has had the opportunity to speak about her advocacy efforts in over 36 national and international conferences, including into America, in Geneva and before lawyers, diplomats, politicians and parliament's.

Andrea graduated with a Juris Doctor (Masters of Law) from the University of Canberra, and a Masters of International Human Rights Advocacy from the Australian National University and was admitted to the ACT Supreme Court as a Solicitor.

Andrea has a background in counselling and family therapy, working with vulnerable families before she moved into law and political lobbying.

Andrea's experience as a political lobbyist and human rights advocate into parliaments across Australia extends from 2013, and includes 16 Government written legal submissions of Government Inquiries, providing legal recommendations to law reform.

Andrea is an accredited Mediator, and is passionate about getting a settlement outside of court for families, for employees and for businesses through conciliation, mediation and negotiations.

Andrea has taught law at the University level for over 5 years, and continues to educate the community in relation to their legal obligations and rights.

Andrea is an adept and experienced human rights advocate, lobbyist and educator.

Recently, Andrea has been "winning unwinnable cases" for clients across Australia before the Fair Work Commission and the Australian Human Rights Commission in several industries, including in mining, construction, health, education,

for those in private firms and for government employees, and more!

Andrea has a personable, strategic, caring and passionate approach to representing her clients, fighting to get the best outcome for them and their circumstance.

Andrea provides her consulting based on strategic solutions and the hard-work of understanding each individual case to the depth required to come up with creative solutions and the best settlement outcomes possible!

Andrea has won compensation for several clients she has been told were 'unwinnable' cases.

Andrea's determination, focus, passion and hard work achieve great results for all her clients.

Andrea provides compassionate, empathic, fair and solution focused Family Mediation and the required Conciliation in employment before the Fair Work Commission,

for discrimination matters before the Australian Human Rights Commission, and

for businesses seeking to settle outside of court.

If you, or someone you know needs a Mediator, Conciliator or Negotiator, Andrea Tokaji can provide world-class solution driven, empathic, results-driven human rights advocacy for you!


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