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Andrea Consults - Supporting your Business!

Andrea Tokaji has been assisting and supporting businesses, including start-ups since 2013.

With a background working as a Government Lawyer, Andrea has written policy and legislation for the Government, has an in-depth understanding of government regulations and procedures, has worked in procurement, reviewing and approving government tenders, leadership and governance, and can take your business to the next level!

Andrea provides Governance training to corporations, businesses and teams seeking to up-skill their Boards, leaders and Managers to a higher level of leadership.

Andrea has taught Corporations Law, Consumer Law, Torts Law, Contracts Law, Management, Leadership, Organisational Behaviour and other relevant subjects pertaining to Business Law at the University level for over 5 years across Australia.

Andrea has partnered with several Entrepreneurial courses and start-up support groups to assist those seeking to get into business for themselves.

Andrea is strategically mined, is adept at problem solving, and teaching and training others while she does her best!

Andrea enjoys running workshops and training days for large and small groups or professionals who wish to challenge their leadership skills.

Andrea provides a range of services to businesses and companies, including assisting them with the development of their policies and procedures, providing government tenders, preparing contracts, assisting with procurement processes

and providing governance and leadership training.

With over 14 years of experience as an anti-slavery researcher, speaker, advocate and consultant, Andrea can provide slavery in supply chain reporting solutions for your business!

Andrea was a key stake holder in the Australian Government's drafting of the Modern Slavery Act (Cth) 2018, making several submissions, legal recommendations and attending several Senate Inquiries and Government round-table discussions.

Andrea has worked for the Attorney-Genral's Department, has been an active member of a major political party, and has worked as a lobbyist on human rights matters.

With over 14 years of experience as a political lobbyist, making Government Submissions at Government Inquiries, presenting legal recommendations to parliament's across Australia, Andrea can train your team how to lobby and advocate, or provide the services of lobbying and advocacy on behalf of the matter you are dealing with.

Andrea is adept, experienced, focused and passionate about ensuring businesses thrive with up-to-date policies and procedures, leadership training and management of their matters at a governmental level, so that they can get on with doing the business of their business!

Contact ANDREA TOKAJI if your company needs Government representation, tenders drafted, policies written, leadership training or a contract drafted!

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