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Andrea's Interview with Executive Media on the Director Digital ID Raising real Privacy concerns!

EXECUTIVE MEDIA recently interviewed Andrea Tokaji on the legal, regulatory and human rights implications of the amendments to the Corporations Act (Cth) 2001.

Andrea has been providing legal lectures on this subject for all company Directors for months, with real strategic solutions, a resources pack with all of the relevant information, application forms and a lobby letter, encouraging all to put on record their concerns in relation to their information being protected.

The reality is, the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) does not protect our data on line!

THIS LEGAL LECTURE IS APPLICABLE FOR: Company Directors, Directors of Charities, Organisations Directors of Self Managed Superfunds, Public Companies Limited by Guarantee, Proprietary Companies Limited by Shares, Registered Australian Bodies, Foreign Companies. ACCOUNTANTS WELCOME!

The Australian Government requires all directors of Australian companies to have their digital Director ID in place by November 2022.

The Director ID is new initiative and legal requirement, that will match directors to a life-long international ID number, that can be used to find details of all their current and past appointments. All personal information, such as medical and tax details will also be accessible by government agencies or representatives.

International ID numbers may be made available to the public at a later date.

Penalties of up to $1million may apply if the registrations deadline is missed.

Andrea Tokaji is a trained international human rights legal advocate (JD, GDLP, LLM) with experience working for the Attorney-General’s Department writing legislation, working with refugees for the United Nations, is the CEO and Founder of fighting for Justice Foundation, an Anti-Slavery NGO, has taught Corporate Law, Business Law and Management/Leadership at University for over 5 years, and consults to Government, Businesses and individuals in Employment Law, Business Law and Human Rights.

Andrea will be running two Legal Seminars to provide information to understand what these regulatory requirements are, what is required for compliance and strategies to mitigate your personal compromise of your privacy.

29th and 30th November


Join Andrea Tokaji for this reduced price legal lecture,

understand the laws, the regulations,

hear about strategic solutions and how you can protect your privacy,

as well as have Andrea answer your questions!

Normally valued at $250, take this opportunity for just $50!


ONE: legal lecture on the amendments to the Corporations Act, and discuss the government regulations in relation to the Director Digital ID;

TWO: strategic pathway options for your business;

THREE: Lobbying opportunities in relation to your privacy; AND

FOUR: Receive your own Resources Pack!


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