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CO-VISION - Re- Imagining Community

I just became a Member of CO-Vision.


Because, many of the institutions we once worked in, trusted and turned to have failed us to an abusive level in the last few years.

It is time to re-imagine what community living could look like.

It is time to re-vision what business, trade and commerce would be like in these communities.

There are so many things I love about community livings - something I have been involved in since 1998 both in Australia and abroad.

Since then, the world has changed drastically, but my idealism has not.

At the heart of it, although people are difficult, I think for the most part, we are more similar than different.

We all have the same desires, longings and wishes.

We all have the same fears, regrets and wonderings.

At the end of the day, we all want the basics: to be loved, and to love - whether it is within the context of your own family, or in a supportive community, to contribute and to receive, to be inspired, and to inspire.

This, of course, is more possible if there is less government interference, and our autonomy, dignity, rights and freedoms are respected by all.

There are many organisations that rose up over the last few years.

The ones which have withstood the test of time are the ones who had substance: they had something subsatntial to say: and they had something substantial to offer....

One of these, is Serene Tefehah's group - she has done a lot for so many: and at personal expense. As a trained lawyer, she continues to assist her community by creating solutions. Co-Vision has been one of these initiatives.

So, let's lean more about the co-vision ....


CoVision is creating a more viable path to living, that promotes cohesiveness, instead of divisiveness, by facilitating safe spaces for learning the necessary skills that will enable us to create food security, water security, access to shelter, health and education and safe spaces for all.

Commitment to the cause is the only substitute.

To truly overcome this adversity we cannot remain in our pain, nor can we remain trying to navigate a system that has cast us out. We must use this experience to transform the way we live.

This is a winning mindset which opens us up to new opportunities that will go unnoticed if you are focusing on escaping what you don't want. It’s in this mindset, where you make new connections and find solutions.

This is where we come together and help each rise beyond the pain and bring a CoVision of practical solutions to our troubles. Community, cooperation, collaboration and cocreation of new social systems which are grounded in morals, ethics and value for self, others and the planet.

Growth is both difficult and critical. It is difficult, because in hindsight, it is painful to reflect on ways we could have managed the situation better. Growth and reflection are critical, because if we accept the lessons of the past, it catapults us to new insights and learnings.

Co-Visoion leadership state: We invite you to share with our team, your vision, your obstacles, your resources, your talents, your time and your space, so that we can establish a solid database, to better connect you with others in all aspects of your life.

We must now create a Co-Vision unlike any other before. Through this process, we are co-creating a plan, to pull together our greatest resource; our co-llective. To succeed demands organisation and that is why we are here and co-mmitted to the tasks ahead.

In committing to understanding each other, we can better utilise our resources, talents and time and manifest the connected communities we have been dreaming about and will ultimately require in the very near future.

We have been connecting to many such movers and shakers throughout the Australian community, to address solutions for:

  • water security,

  • food security,

  • shelter,

  • health and education.

Become a forward-thinking visionary and join this organised process of re-imagining a better future for all.


CoVisionary Appraisals As an individual, couple or as part of a family household; one of our Advocates will contact you to organise a suitable time (up to 1 hour), via a secure medium, either an online session or call via Telegram or Signal, to discuss your vision (including any obstacles you currently have); your talents and skills, the time you have available and your resources that you are able to share and commit.

Book for services with Andrea Consults here:

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