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Have you lost your job through no fault of your own?

Would you like to make an unfair dismissal claim or claim under general protections?

Andrea is a qualified mediator and adept advocate with over 15 years experience.

Andrea is a trained International human rights lawyer (LLM), with a Masters of Laws (JD) admitted to the Supreme Court of the Act in 2013.

Andrea has been passionately representing people in the Fair Work Commission and gaining great success!

Andrea has been the only legal advocate who has been successful in achieving compensation for her clients in Fair Work Conciliation matters to date - setting new precedent!

You can book Andrea to help represent you in Fair Work at a Conciliation HERE,

or you can join Andrea in one of her legal lectures -


how to advocate for yourself in discrimination and prepare your documents,

including your affidavit HERE.

The payment for Andrea to represent you includes:

1. a two-hour initial consultation;

2. a revision and completion of your application and preparation of your documents for the conciliation; and

3. representation at the Fair Work Conciliation as your advocate.

With over 6 hours of work, this is a very low price for a professional service from a passionate advocate!

This service includes unfair dismissal claims, discrimination claims, and others.

Several of Andrea's clients have been extremely satisfied with her services. Here is just one testimonial:

"I wanted to let you know again that I greatly appreciate the time and effort you have done for me in this short period of time. I'm very sorry again, to have come to you in such short notice and put you in a rushed position, but you executed the case with such flawless efforts and passion that I truly admire. I was in over my head with the situation but I decided to go seek for help and asked WA Building Alliance who highly suggested to reach out to you and they gave me your contact details. I had remembered from attending many of your lecture's not to be afraid to ask for help and that I am not alone in this journey standing up for what is right. I know I wouldn't have been able to achieve the outcome we received today if I didn't have you, so thank you again for your support and time. You've given me the hope and courage I need to keep fighting strong for what is right for everyone.

I look forward to seeing you in the near future,

Kindest regards,

Mr A"

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