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Get to Know your Political Candidates!

Updated: May 16, 2022

It is on!

The most important Federal Election in our lifetime!

The pre-poll voting booths are open and locations can be found on the AEC website via a search engine here.

The website Put Majors Last have some fantastic resources, including House of Representatives How to Vote Cards here, and a Candidate search here.

Last week, in partnership with WA Building Industry Alliance and WA Business Consciousness, Andrea Consults - WA Human Rights Consultant ran a Meet the Candidates forum in the city of Perth.

We had representatives from several minor parties, including the United Australia Party, the Australian Federation Party, the Great Australia Party, the Liberal Democrats (who have nothing to do with the Liberals), and the Wa Values Party.

You can watch the full recording of the night, including question time here.

Here are the profiles of some of the candidates who spoke that night:

Clive Palmer - QLD SENATE

Clive Palmer was born in Footscray, Victoria, in 1954. He and his family relocated to Queensland in 1963, where he was raised and educated on the Gold Coast. He studied at the University of Queensland, then worked in real estate for a number of years before founding his mining companies.

Clive has undertaken many business ventures since then, including more undertakings in mining and coal, and the acquisition of the Gold Coast United Football Club.

In 2013, Clive ran as candidate for the seat of Fairfax in Queensland, where he won and proudly served his constituents for three years.

In 2018, Clive revived the major party from the 1930’s, the United Australia Party. He joined with Craig Kelly in 2021 and the party became the largest in Australia, with over 80,000 members.

Since the pandemic, Clive’s fervour has been renewed to bring change to this country. He wants to secure a better, freer future for his son and three daughters.

Clive’s intimate knowledge of our political system and his passion to do what’s right will guide him and his party to victory in the 2022 Federal Election.

Helen Watkinson - MOORE

As a mother, nurse, union delegate and community member I have cared for and fought for the rights and well being of others for decades. In standing for the Federal Election with the United Australia Party I will continue to strive for the betterment of others.

Raising three children in this electorate has allowed the opportunity to connect and be actively involved volunteering within the local community through schools and sporting clubs for over twenty years.

These initiatives continue to enhance the community and lives of young people and adults alike. As a union delegate I’ve supported work colleagues and been entrusted to represent them in times of conflict and negotiations.

Thirty two years nursing has given me a unique perspective on many issues facing Australians today. Whether caring for the young or for the elderly in our under-resourced aged care system I have always held strong my role of advocacy for patients and their right to choose or refuse treatments and medications.

The current vaccination mandates deny many people their right to an informed consent free from coercion.

The United Australia Party is committed to stopping the vaccine mandates and vaccine passports and restoring Australia’s Freedoms, as am I.

Trevor Dalby - PEARCE

I am a husband, father and grandfather, and my family has called the Pearce Electorate ‘home’ for more than twenty years.

An electrician, I have spent the past forty years running my own small business while simultaneously working as a fire and rescue officer, protecting the lives and homes of West Australians.

In standing for the United Australia Party, my commitment is to continue to do just that – to protect. I strongly believe in pro-choice, stopping the mandates, and the right for every Australian to work.

In my role as a fire officer, I have been accustomed to dealing with fast-evolving crises, and I believe that is what we have today under the current government - a crisis caused by a government refusing to listen to the people.

In winning the seat of Pearce, my commitment is to work tirelessly to end this manufactured madness, to bring Australia back to what it was – a land free of discrimination.

The United Australia Party will make Australia once more a place where it is safe to bring up your children and grandchildren. A place we are happy and proud to call home.

And will form a government that listens to the people.

Will Scott - HASLUCK

For the past 7 years, I have lived in the Perth Hills, in the electorate of Hasluck, with my wife and two children, long enough to start putting down roots and really become part of the community. This is where we call home.

I am a firefighter, and my career as both an instructor and on the front lines, stationed in Midland and Ellenbrook, has allowed me to protect, serve and engage with a large cross-section of the community throughout the electorate.

I have fought fires to protect the community, and now I will fight to protect your rights and freedoms.

I understand the difficulty of supporting a family with the rising cost of living. The national debt is at an unprecedented high. If something is not done soon, interest rates and inflation will soon follow.

I will be fighting to ensure the average Australian and Australian small businesses do not suffer due to the irresponsible and unnecessary spending of the previous governments. I will represent the people of Hasluck with

honesty and integrity, ensuring your voices are heard in Canberra.

The major parties have failed us for too long, it’s time for a change.

As the candidate representing Hasluck for the United Australia Party, a party not just dedicated to removing all vaccination mandates, but a party determined to see Australia prosper, I will take this fight directly to Canberra.

Suellen Wrightson - NSW SENATE

Suellen Wrightson is a married mother of two who lives in Newcastle NSW. She has a strong political background having campaigned in local, State and Federal Government elections. From 2012-2015 she served her local community as an elected member of Local Government where she enjoyed being a member of the Joint Regional Planning Panel for the Hunter Region.

Suellen has qualifications in local government planning, work health and safety and medical practice assisting. She was the NSW State director of the United Australia Party at the 2019 Federal election and continues in that role today. Suellen has a special interest in national security and foreign investment within Australia.

Suellen believes we are at a critical juncture in the way Australians will live their lives in the near future. She is very concerned about the rising cost of living and home loan interest rates that will render some people homeless.

Suellen believes Australians are standing on the precipice and urgent action must be implemented by a newly formed government that has real world economic experience and the credentials to enact the necessary changes to prevent economic collapse that will destroy lives and livelihoods.

Suellen is adamant this can only be achieved by electing members of the United Australia Party to the Federal Government.

To find your local UAP Candidate, click on: WWW.UNITEDAUSTRALIAPARTY.ORG.AU


Australian Federation Party (AusFeds) is a new kind of political party, designed from the ground up to represent the people. We are the only political party, in the history of Australia, to define a six-step pact where our candidates commit to serve the people, not the party.

The Australian Federation Party is committed to growing an alliance of Independent MP’s and Candidates at all tiers of government in Australia, people committed to representing the people first and who offer strong policy solutions to help the people prosper.

The primacy of human rights - Protection from unnecessary government surveillance, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of religion, freedom of choice, and bodily autonomy.

Greater transparency of Government especially as it relates to the private lives of citizens and the public institutions that serve them.

Our principals include;

The primacy of family and parental choice and beliefs in determining the welfare of their children without fear of Government interference.

Commitment to the health and wellbeing of all children including sustainable policies to assure their future.

The Party opposes precepts that undermine individual responsibility and character development, or fail to contextualize historical events, thus creating divisions and undermining social progress. The Party aims to rid Australia of top-down governments.

The Party has a commitment to a representative democracy where our elected members serve the people and not this party.

The Party is committed to supporting the people of Australia in their pursuit of happiness in the manner they deem fit in their natural liberty as sovereign citizens.

The Party is committed to the unity of the people of Australia.

Every Australian citizen shall have an equal opportunity to join the Party and to progress through its ranks.

The Party affirms its unrelenting commitment to human values that have stood the test of time, values such as honesty, courage, fortitude, dignity and honour.

Michael Calautti - Electrical Mining Construction Superintendent

Candidate for Cowan

Australians have the good fortune to live in the most extraordinary place on Earth, but for too long we’ve been held back by governments that have served corporate interests instead of the people’s. It’s time to stand up, kick the corporate puppets out, and restore government of the people, for the people, by the people.

Experience as an electrical contractor and mining construction superintendent has equipped me to meet the challenges ahead in working toward the solutions that Australians need. As a father of four and grandfather of one, I’m committed to building a future where we can all reach and enjoy the potential of this amazing land we’re so lucky to live on.

Brent Fowler - Trade Qualified/Business Owner

Candidate for Tangney

I own and run a successful manufacturing business in the Tangney electorate, where I also live and raise my 3 children with my wife Kirsten. I am trade-qualified and appreciate the effort and sacrifice that goes into operating an SME. I have also applied this effort and discipline in high-level sports, having competed in multiple Sydney Hobart Yacht Races. Mental health reform is close to my heart; my father took his own life, and I know first-hand the needs of families in this area.

They need tangible support to address underlying issues, not just great slogans and slick marketing campaigns. In service as the federal member for Tangney, I will prioritise employment pathways such as apprenticeships, making it easier for SMEs to take on new employees who require training. I will push to address overspending of taxpayers’ money by Canberra; and bring corporate tax for multinationals into line. It is unfair that some big businesses pay less tax than an average PAYG taxpayer.



Born and raised in rural Western Australia, I’ve worked in my own rural businesses involving wool and sheep. With my wife, we bought our farm in Williams WA which we grew to substantial holdings, growing cereal crops and raising livestock. Our business ventures expanded into manufacturing our grain and other crops to create special purpose equine feeds in the upmarket industry of the elite equine athlete and thoroughbreds, both domestic and international.

I am also an inventor with the creation of the patented “Grain Keg TM” and the concept of environmentally friendly, easily accessible and transportable bulk feed delivery system, which revolutionised the way of bulk material handling, to value add from farm gate to end user, with the farm gate being the price determiner.

The action of the banks and the financial sector and their agents on the agricultural sector affected not only my family, but many other landowners, agriculturalists and small businesses around Australia. These actions caused me to run for Senator of the 45th Federal Parliament to which I was successful in being sworn in as a Commonwealth Public Officer and elected Senator for the electorate of WA in August 2016.

My duties were to attend to, amongst other things, to the needs of agriculture/rural sector, the banking/financial sector and the judiciary system. Having experienced personally the pitfalls and difficulties with these organisations, it made me realise just how broken these systems are and how disadvantaged the people of Australia are as a result affecting the rights of all Australians.

Attending to these matters whilst in my role as a Senator for the 45th Parliament not only raised my awareness of the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 (UK,) but also reinforced just how broken our systems truly are and how far our political and judiciary systems have moved away from our common laws through usurping the powers of the Crown, denying Australians access to our rightful Queen by not being Constitutionally compliant. Speaking out whilst in Parliament caused my exile out of the Federal Parliament to which I remain in exile “until Parliament otherwise provides.”

Restoration of the Commonwealth to take back control of our country, government, industry along with our rights and freedoms under the founding deed known as the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900.

Get to know your local candidates - read their bios and make an. informed decision this election! Join a major party and volunteer your time to ensure democracy and transparency this Federal Election!

If you would like to know more, join our ZOOM training here.

See you in the campaign trail!


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