Hi there! Great to meet you. 


I'm a trained international human rights lawyer with a Juris Doctor from the University of Canberra and a Masters of International Human Rights Legal Advocacy from the Australian National University, and I was admitted as a lawyer to the Supreme Court of the ACT in 2013.

I was a legal lecturer at the University level for over 5 years, including corporations law, business law, consumer law, contracts, torts, strategic management, leadership and organisational behaviour while undertaking a PhD in constitutional and human rights law.

I've also worked in Government procurement and contracts management in assessing and approving Government tenders on a national level. 

I'm a trained mediator and conciliator and bring a unique skill set with training and experience in psychology, law, human rights and business.

I've been successfully advocating for the vulnerable since 2009 both nationally and internationally - and winning compensation for my clients in claims tribunals.


Representing You

Are you faced with unfair dismissal from your job, family law court challenges or corporate and business matters?

Whether you are a business requiring guidance on procurement, contracts, tenders or corporate leadership training, or needing representation at the Tribunal level or with your employer ... 

Do you need a family mediator, an employment conciliator or a corporate negotiator? 

I can help with that!

Andrea Tokaji - International Human Rights Legal Advocate

Advocating for
your best outcome

  • As a family mediator, my creative and assertive approach ensures you get your ideal settlement outside of court - reducing your legal fees and the stress that comes with the family court!


  • As a corporate conciliator, my professional and strategic approach ensures the fairest and best outcome for you at the Tribunals.


  • As a business negotiator, my direct and uncompromising approach ensures you get the best advocacy for your matter - no matter what corporate dilemma you face!


What My Clients Are Saying

"After being dismissed unfairly, I felt down and defeated until a mate of mine suggested I have a chat to Andrea.


He told me she was a great fighter of human rights, and stood up for those being discriminated in the workplace.


Fortunately, when I met up with Andrea, it was still within the 21 days after termination, so I was able to submit a fair work claim with Andrea’s help.


The company pulled out the big guns and called in one of Australia’s top legal firms. This didn’t shake me nor Andrea who took them head on! 


While I cannot say what the outcome was, I can say that Andrea’s services restored my faith and let me know there are people out there on our side, and Andrea is a great advocate for that!"


"I wanted to let you know again that I greatly appreciate the time and effort you have done for me in this short period of time.


I'm very sorry again, to have come to you in such short notice and put you in a rushed position, but you executed the case with such flawless efforts and passion that I truly admire.


I was in over my head with the situation but I decided to go seek for help and asked WA Building Alliance who highly suggested to reach out to you and they gave me your contact details.


I had remembered from attending many of your lecture's not to be afraid to ask for help and that I am not alone in this journey standing up for what is right.


I know I wouldn't have been able to achieve the outcome we received today if I didn't have you, so thank you again for your support and time.


You've given me the hope and courage I need to keep fighting strong for what is right for everyone. I look forward to seeing you in the near future."

Mr A.

"Thanks so much for your help Andrea - you're awesome!"


"Thank you Andrea for tirelessly helping so many people like us - you are a true God-send!"

Mr M.

“Whether you have a family law matter that needs mediation, a business or corporate matter you need to negotiate, or you have an employment matter which needs arbitration, I’ll provide the best advocacy, conciliation and representation for you so that you receive the best possible outcome!”

Andrea Tokaji JD GDLP LLM 


"Let it not be said that I was silent

when they needed me."

William Wilberforce