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Spiritual Warfare for the Saints - Global Discipleship Training Group


For the Faith Institute's Spiritual Warfare for the Saints 14-week teaching Series based in Andrea's Book. We will go through the following topics:


1. Satan's Strategies from the garden of Eden;

2. Exposing the Enemy and How Jesus Overcame; 3. How the Churches are called to Overcome;

4. Learning about the Devil, Unclean Spirits and Strongholds;

5. What is Your Story? Generational Ties that Bind! 6. The Mind, Will and Emotions;

7. Prayer Strategies;

8. Altars;

9. Covenants;

10. Vows;

11. Curses;

12. Mental Health Deliverance;

13. How do I know if I need Deliverance?

14. Walking Delivered!

This 14-week Faith Institute training school in the form of a seminar lecture series is for those wanting to go deeper in the Lord, for all those working to set the captives free, heal the broken-hearted and to see people set free!

This Biblical Course from a legal perspective is for leaders hungry to be trained in Deliverance and for those wanting to understand how the legal biblical principles of deliverance works from the perspective of a trained international human rights Lawyer, Pastor and Apostle.

The legal insights in this course are fresh revelation to the body of Christ from the Word of God gained from over 25 years experience serving in ministry, working with the most vulnerable globally, preaching and teaching the Word of God and specifically from a legal perspective!


Andrea worked as a Youth Pastor from 2000, as a Chaplain from 2005, became involved in international missions and ministries from 2002, began working as a lawyer alongside minisntry in 2009, and was ordained as an Apostle by Jubilee Ministries in the USA in 2016.

Andrea has been teaching the word of God and preaching for over 25 years, has worked as a Counsellor and Family Therapist before working for the United Nations, for the Government as a Lawyer, running her own International Human Rights Organisation and mission NFP, she has lectured at University and Bible College for over 6 years and is an avid international public speaker at confernces and in Churches globally.

This intensive legal biblical training course for leaders is highly recommended!

Leaders and Pastors welcome!


I look forward to your questions and our discussions in the Live Q&A following our one hour lecture!

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Love and blessings,


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